BREAKING: Herd immunity doesn’t work… when you don’t try herd immunity

From Sky News…

Locking down, scaring people, getting them to social distance and not allowing herd immunity to take placeā€¦ prevents herd immunity.


Hopes that the population will become immune to COVID-19 have been dashed by new research showing antibodies fall rapidly after recovering from the disease.

So-called herd immunity has been proposed by some scientists as a better alternative to lockdowns in tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

It would require around 50-60% of the population to have protection against the virus so it could no longer transmit efficiently.

However, a major UK study has found that rather than building immunity over time, the number of people with antibodies has fallen by 26% since lockdown was eased over the summer. Advertisement

Researchers from Imperial College London screened 365,000 people over three rounds of testing between June and September.

Results of the REACT-2 study showed that 6% of people had antibodies to the virus around the time lockdown was eased in late June and early July.

But by the start of the second wave last month, this dropped to just 4.4%.

Professor Helen Ward, one of the researchers, said the new results strongly suggest that herd immunity is unachievable.

“When you think 95 people out of 100 are still likely to be susceptible, we are a long, long way from anything resembling population level protection against onward transmission,” she said.

“It’s not something you can use as a strategy for infection control [for COVID-19] in the population.”

The finding is another blow to scientists behind the controversial Great Barrington Declaration, who had suggested that vulnerable people could be shielded at home while the virus spreads through the young and healthy to build up herd immunity.

The proposal has been strongly criticised by many other scientists.

They do realise that once your body has defeated a strain of SARS-COV19 whether or not your immunity is present your body will be able to defeat it again.

And of course take a cheap shot at the Barrington Declaration.