FEATURE: Since September there have been 0 COVID-19 deaths among those in the age 0-19…

But stats show COVID heavily affects those with pre-existing health conditions…

As explained in my video earlier today I noted that despite the fact that the numbers are very low amongst the younger population, for those in the older age groups of 60 to 79 as well as 80 and above is extremely high.

However, if we break down the numbers you will find that the numbers generally are low for those without pre-existing conditions. Data from the U.K. Department of Health tells us that there are many instances of COVID being put down on the death certificate even though it wasn’t the underlying cause of death.

The data/information I examined only cover England, no data is connected with Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Total deaths since March 2020;

With pre-existing conditions (number in bracket is change from last week).

0 – 19 yrs18 (0)
20 – 39215 (10)
40 – 592,419 (76)
60 – 7913,662 (707)
80+19,492 (987)

Without pre-existing conditions (number in bracket is change from last week).

0 – 19 yrs4 (0)
20 – 3938 (2)
40 – 59297 (6)
60 – 79690 (21)
80+635 (21)

As the title states there have been zero deaths in the age group 0-19 for those without pre-existing conditions since September 3rd, only 2 deaths since then for those with pre-existing conditions.

The numbers below cover 11 week period which goes from September 3rd to this day, I have put the age groups 0-19 and 20-39 together.

Increase in deaths over the 11 week period for those without pre-existing conditions;
4 deaths in 0-39
30 deaths in 40-59
125 deaths in 60-79
123 deaths in 80+

Increase in deaths over the 11 week period for those with pre-existing conditions;
36 deaths in 0-39
387 deaths in 40-59
2995 deaths in 60-79
4195 deaths in 80+

If we take the youngest and the oldest of those who have died from COVID over that same 11 week period, including both those with and without pre-existing conditions, the percentages show what we all predicted;

0-19 age group make up 0.03%
60+ age group make up 94.2%

And if we look at the total deaths recorded, as percentages broken down into age groups, since March this year regardless of whether they had a pre-existing condition(s) or not;


In conclusion of what this data has shown us is;

  • Schools/Colleges should have never been closed
  • The elderly needed more protection
  • Masks/lockdowns should have focused on those with pre-existing conditions
  • Any business that breaks the rules should be punished leaving those who are doing their bit to stay open

What can the citizens do that the government can’t enforce;

  • Parents need to ensure their hygiene is good as well as their kids, teaching them to cover their mouth when coughing/sneezing
  • School meals need to be health based, parents/teachers to do more coordinating over choices regarding diet/vitamins
  • Schools doing more to teach children on the benefits of taking care of themselves including hygiene

Going forward beyond COVID the country needs to fully focus on getting the general health (diet) of the country improved, obseity and diabetes as well as heart disease have badly affected America and explains why the death toll is very high. It’s also having an impact here in the U.K..

The majority of deaths from COVID are directly related to those who have existing health problems. We are not getting our priorities right, during the lockdown you couldn’t go to Church, can’t see your relatives or couldn’t even give a send off to a relative that you may have lost as a result of COVID. However, you could go to the shop and buy cigarettes or alcohol, buy from fast food shops or even by ‘choice’ get pills sent to you so you could have an abortion at home – where some of those “home abortions” were investigated by police turn out were in fact illegal?

Every death is sad, COVID is real there’s no denying that but we can’t pretend that some of the problems when dealing with a virus like COVID are self-inflicted. For decades we continue to rely on the NHS, thinking that the system is perfect because it’s ‘free’ but we have to realise whether you have a public or private system it can not and never will be able to deal with an outbreak or pandemic.

Instead of thinking that we can continue to make our problems go away by using a tax system to flood the NHS bank account with money we need to look at ourselves. It begins by you the individual to look at your body and do a better job of looking after your health.

Take care of the body and life will take care of itself, we can at least try.