U.K. COVID-19 “Tier System” is NOT justified – we break down the numbers, turns out most infections… are in hospitals with inpatients

Most infections are happening inside our hospitals.

Not a shock to see this government win the vote 291-78 with the cowards not only in the Tory party but also Labour being absent summed up the contempt the citizens have for these politicians.

The vote now ensures the new coronavirus tiers and despite Sky News’ feeble attempt to portray this as a “major Tory rebellion” it was an easy win and the bigger story is that aroudn 55% MP’s voted on the very thing that would determine the direction our country would go in terms of the economy, healthcare and liberties.

Since the media won’t do their job I have decided to look further into the numbers and unless the Department of Health, the NHS, the Tory government or heck anyone who really knows what’s happening can tell me that I’m wrong then please feel free to do so.

I will be doing the usual YouTube stream on Friday to cover the latest death toll figures for England when it comes to COVID19, in the mean time I decided to take a closer look at the admissions, diagnoses, discharges and hospital bed numbers covering March till October this year. We are still waiting for the November numbers and they should be released soon. Either way these numbers tell a different story, let’s start the definitions used in the excel spreadsheets that are released here by NHS England.

Admissions – Number of patients admitted with COVID
Diagnoses – Total number of inpatients diagnosed with COVID
Discharges – Total confirmed COVID cases discharged from hospital

Let’s take admissions, the numbers presented in the charts are the live number of admissions on the day recorded, for example, the 5th May will show the number of admissions for the 4th May, the same applies to diagnoses and discharges.

However, it is important to note that the admissions are those outside of hospitals, meanwhile, the diagnoses are of those who are already ‘inpatients’ – a very important distinction. Discharges only covers those that are “confirmed COVID cases” so it will not include any of non-COVID patients or admissions who would have been discharged over time.

Let’s take a look at the numbers below;

MonthAdmissionsInpatientsTtl of Admissions/InpatientsDischarged

These numbers at first glance look really bad, right? A reminder, the two figures under ‘Admissions’ (new patients) and ‘Inpatients’ (existing patients in hospitals) tell us a very different story. It turns out that 5 of the 8 months have the most cases (70% plus) which would have been for those already in hospital for treatment, surgery etc that is NOT COVID related. This would mean either they got COVID through bad hygiene, from relatives/friends visit, the doctor(s)/nurses(s) treating them etc inside the hospital. For the other 3 months (June, July, August) it also shows most COVID cases were inpatients, with the proportion ranging from 59% to 67%.

Numbers also show the proportion of the infected that fall under inpatients had dropped during the summer period but if you look at the number of beds being occupied by both COVID/NON-COVID patients the number goes up significantly – probably because as the COVID cases dropped leaving more beds available and drawing in more of those who were on waiting lists. This is just an assumption at this point as I haven’t been able to verify this.

On September 2nd the amount of beds occupied was 109,615 and those occupied by COVID patients was only 451 – that would mean the percentage of the beds occupied by COVID patients was only 0.41%. The numbers below give an ‘average percentage of those with COVID occupying beds of the ‘total beds’ used.

MonthAvg. COVID19 patients bed occupation

The percentage of COVID patients is very high back in April, that is because COVID was spreading fast amongst the population, we only started to lock things down slowly and had no ‘test and trace’ program setup. The amount of beds in use at that time were 50,871 (2nd April) and rose to 81,175 at the end of April. During that same time the amount of beds taken up by COVID patients fell by about 8%. As we get closer to next influenza season the percentage of beds taken up are more than likely to hit 20-30% at least by the end of the year (also dependent on which areas get hit the hardest during this month).

I continued to dig deeper into the hospital bed numbers and found that as soon as we get to the start of July over 100,000 beds have been taken up, which at that time only 2.65% of the 100k were COVID patients, the numbers continue to drop right through July and August, even the start of September. The number of beds taken up by COVID patients continue to rise and as per the latest numbers the proportion of COVID patients hits 9.69% with a total of 113,474 occupied by both COVID and NONCOVID patients.

By the end of September we see an increase of 1,500 patients with COVID and by the end of October the increase rises above 7,700 (and continue to rise at the start of November. The reason the October average is below 5% whilst April had an average of 22.9% is because the amount of non-COVID patients in NHS England hospitals was just over double in October than what we had in April.

So what is really happening with these numbers? They have gone up significantly in our hospitals, meaning the big increase of those who are getting COVID are in fact patients already in the hospitals (inpatients) – which asks the question how on earth are the government, the local authorities and police justifying lockdowns in the present time? We know the elderly are the most affected, especially those with pre-existing condition(s) and most of those getting COVID are inside our hospitals.

Consider this – the amount of hospital beds occupied by those who did NOT have COVID rose by 50,000, as we enter July, yet the amount of those who had COVID who were occupying beds dropped by the thousands. The fluctuations in numbers can be only explained by some or all of the following factors;

  • poor hygiene in hospitals
  • lack of PPE going into September
  • elderly not protected and are opened to exposure

We can go with one, two or all of the reasons above, the fact is that the majority of new cases of COVID are happening in our hospitals (certainly in England), there isn’t that many outside of the hospitals, which in turn puts patients, who are already at high risk with their own medical condition(s), on the verge of another battle with the virus itself. As the number of patients has rise above 100,000 across England it doesn’t surprise me that we see an increase of COVID cases since most of them occur inside our hospitals.

Doctors and Nurses are taking the real risk but it is a big lie that our hospitals are all being overwhelmed, it is also a lie to suggest that most of the cases are from those who are referred to as “COVID IDIOTS“. If the protests by those advocating for BLM or against the lockdowns etc the numbers show it had little effect to the jump in cases. There is no evidence of this and should the government and our media continue to act unprofessional and continue to scare the public then it’s no wonder that we are almost on the verge of ‘civil disobedience‘.


Over 88% of those who have died from COVID are 60+ with pre-existing conditions

Those in the age group 0-19 can get COVID but the overwhelming majority recover.

Most COVID cases are those already in hospitals