COVID-19 daily announced deaths for England for 3rd December 2020, plus the latest news on COVID…

As promised every Friday I look at the number of deaths in England when it comes to COVID and once again the same pattern appears.

A week from now we will have a set of 3 rolling week averages which will give us an idea where things might be heading. and as usual the media will not look at this and instead focus on the ‘death toll’ so they can push masks and vaccines.

So let’s begin with the increase of numbers from the previous week.

Age GroupW/ ConditionW/O ConditionTotal
0-1919 (no change)5 (+1)24 (+1)
20-39240 (+12)42 (no change)282 (+12)
40-592625 (+98)320 (+17)2945 (+115)
60-7915167 (+750)744 (+27)15911 (+777)
80+21750 (+1094)693 (+32)22443 (+1126)
(number in brackets shows increase)

You can see that there have been some increases amongst the younger age groups, sadly an uptake of 1 amongst the youth in those without pre-existing conditions. With the older age groups as you expect the numbers are high (again) and unless we do a better job than just saying “WEAR MASKS DAMN IT” these numbers will continue to rise. However, important to note that we expect the number amongst 80+ to be high when you take into account life expectancy. For example, anyone with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, which don’t have cures, the life expectancy of that individual will fall.

Below is a summary of what we have as data and comparing to last week.

In the 13 week period including both those with or without pre-existing conditions…

  • 0-19 age group make up 0.03% of the increase in COVID deaths (no change from last week)
  • 60+ age group make up 94.03% of the increase in COVID deaths (no change from last week)

The breakdown by age group of deaths as percentages that have been recorded since March this year, we saw a slight uptick in the total percentage of deaths amongst age groups of 40-59 and 80+ but such changes are to be expected so we may see them fall/rise depending on the how many caseloads, hospital beds, ventilation beds against each age group.

Pre-existing conditions breakdown

Unsurprisingly those with medical conditions are most vulnerable, in particular those who are elderly and as these numbers continue to rise we need to study closely why those who are elderly are not only vulnerable because of age. The key numbers are in the statistics and we also know that certain conditions affect all ages.

The breakdown of those who died with medical conditions and the increase from last week are shown below.

ConditionDeathsIncr. from last week
Chronic Kidney Disease6,454386
Chronic Neurological Disorder1,21447
Chronic Pulmonary Disease6,447323
Rheumatological Disorder1,29854
Ischaemic Heart Disease2,903291
*Other includes conditions not listed in table

We shouldn’t ignore the ‘other condition’ numbers but because we don’t have a breakdown of them we can’t assess what’s happening amongst those deaths and only concentrate on the ones that are listed in the 1000s.

Diabetes not only tops the list but also sees the biggest increase, it accounts for 27% of the deaths linked to COVID. For the last 3 months (not to mention the entire year) we haven’t heard anything from the media nor thorough investigations as to why those with diabetes are dying at an alarming rate. Considering diabetes is treatable this is extremely disappointing and as we approach influenza season it becomes imperative that those who have diabetes are giving strong warnings.

In the stream (video at the end of this post) I didn’t take look at the hospital bed numbers as it was more of an update on the weekly numbers but it is worth reminding that most of the COVID cases are happening in our hospitals, inpatients make up over 70% of the cases (those who were admitted into hospital for non-COVID reasons). We don’t have the breakdown of number for those with a particular pre-existing condition(s) and are already in hospital being treated who don’t have COVID, this might be worth pursuing as it would give us a better idea on what’s needed.

Priority should be to;

  • the elderly
  • those with pre-existing conditions
  • healthcare workers (hosptials, care homes etc)

The rest of the population, once again, just need to do their best when it comes to hygiene. The fact that this needs to be reiterated every single day feels no matter what we try it becomes hopeless.

Next week I will get the next update and bring that to you, in the mean time I will be making the following FOI requests from NHS England;

  1. Daily number since 31st March this year of those who are inpatients (using a hospital bed) with medical conditions that did not have COVID
  2. Daily number since 31st March this year of those who are inpatients (using a mechanical ventilation bed) with medical conditions that did not have COVID
  3. Breakdown of those in the other condition listed under “Breakdown of deaths by pre-existing conditions” – which shows for each one their deaths since 31st March.