YouTube had given my channel another strike for a video… that was uploaded back in August

Yes a video that just happened to have Alex Jones, sitting quietly on my channel for 4 months untouched, YouTube decides to apply a strike, more info below. (and yes that was my response in the appeal).

And this is after my last 2 uploads went up, one attacking China over the forced abortions (crimes against humanity) and another praising an Iranian Human Rights Activist going after Europe on their hypocrisy when it comes to rights abuses and Islamic regimes.

I will now consider my options as I will move away from YouTube completely (and you should too).

Options available;

  1. Livestream here on the website (possible but quite expensive at this time).
  2. Look for alternatives (quite possible but they’re not very good and have limitations.
  3. Just record offline then upload to website (more likely as it’s simpler and avoids the wrath of “strikes”).

Will keep you posted.