COVID19 deaths NOT linked to lockdowns or masks; it’s health and hygiene stupid!

The COVID19 numbers have come out and the same patterns continue to develop across the board, those with or withou pre existing conditions.

The media will continue to produce news without context or even details – most recent example with the mutated strains. Rather than explaining that mutations in viruses are a normal thing and that so far there is no evidence that this strain is more deadly than current strains we have been dealing with, they decided to push out scaremongering stories about how we still need to wash our hands and social distance. In other words carry on doing what we were doing before.

Quite incredible that we have to continue to wash our hands – something which I thought our parents taught us to do after using the toilet or when we’re about to sneeze we do us into our sleeve/use a tissue to cover our mouth. Apparently life right now is so different that we can no longer to talk to each other for the fear that we may spread viruses to each other, therefore, use masks that “cures” all our ills. In other words our world is becoming more tyrannical in behaviour and little or no evidence on the science.

As I concluded in the report I did on the 13th December where it’s clear that those who are diabetec or are of old age are at very high risk nothing has or will change unless we are dealing with something that isn’t a flu like virus. No one, to this day, has told us how COVID19 came about and to this day the CCP and WHO – both corrupt and certainly no longer trustworthy, continue to sit on their hands pretending they will get to the bottom of it. That will happen when the British government become competent in what they do.

Oh and Christmas is canceled…