COVID-19 End of Year Report: Nothing has changed, many unanswered questions…

My last video of 2020 (which went into the early hours of 2021) I decided it was worth mentioning that we should no longer get stuck into the whole lockdown/no lockdowns debate and instead pivot the bigger questions that need answering, such as;

  • where did COVID-19 originate from?
  • what is the data on vaccine testing, how efficient are they?
  • why aren’t healthcare systems up for debate as they get overwhelmed at every influenza season?
  • why are no questions being ask about how over a quarter of those who have ‘died’ from COVID are diabetics?

But instead we continue to get stuck into how many cases we have, how many have died (more relevant) and whether or not it is you, the citizen who wants to get on with their lives, is killing grandma or grandpa.

So where do we stand in England? According to NHS England there have been over 50,000 deaths that were because or linked to COVID since 31st March 2020. For the last few months I have been looking at the data closely, the increase number of deaths, the deaths over 3 week periods, hospitalisations with COVID/NON-COVID patients, new admissions and those diagnosed who are already in hospital plus looking at the breakdown of deaths against those with pre existing conditions.

Conclusion? Same as the week before, in fact the same as the month before and the month before that. Nothing has changed, the weekly numbers do not tell us anything different. The only logical conclusion we can come to is that we shouldn’t have had the first lockdown. Yes I know it’s easy to say that now and that is correct, if only we did but hindsight is a beautiful thing (as we now). The mutated strain has given us an even bigger headache since we are now seeing a lot more cases albeit there will be some false positives amongst them and most of them will live.

The debate today, just like we had back in April, is whether or not we should risk overwhelming our hospitals with patients because COVID is driving the numbers up. Initially we didn’t know what we were dealing with since China’s CCP and the World Health Organisation kept it ‘secret’ leading to a whistleblower movement (which we should be thankful for) letting the whole world what China was hiding. This time it was the Brits and the Europeans who found the new strain and let everyone know it is more contagious yet not know if it’s more deadly. So far it indicates that it’s just as deadly, we are just going to see a large number of cases.

What happens next

One of the consequences of having a more infectious strain is that it will ultimately lead to more cases, hospitalisations and sadly more deaths something that’s not in our control. Restrictions, wear masks where appropriate, improve overall hygiene, wash hands, social distance etc – we continue to do this and yet the virus keeps spreading. We can’t stop it, we can only now go for herd immunity since have vaccines and as soon as that became an option the WHO decided on changing the definition of what herd immunity is, coincidence I’m sure – on top of that Dr. Fauci (better known as Lord Vader because we better do everything he says) did the same thing and has done so with pretty much everything from masks to getting children back into schools.

Do I think we should continue to trust the crooks running the country? No, because let’s face it they have no clue what they’re doing and just like that the government today announced that schools in London would be kept shut. Yes that’s right, another f-in U-turn (I will talk about this government in another video soon). Rules are there to be broken but there are consequences because one needs order and less chaos, however, in this instance this isn’t about committing robbery, rape, murder etc – this is about our livelihood and it is really up to the British people to decide on what they want to do next. Instead of just the regular protest rallies/marches, which ultimately achieve a host of live videos and upload that give you likes, a bit of confidence that you may start a YouTube/Facebook career (only to complain about social media companies afterwards), it doesn’t change what’s at stake.

As Dr. Malcolm Kendrick wrote in his excellent column a couple of days ago;

The official solution is, of course, more restrictions. ‘We just haven’t restricted people enough!’ Sigh. When something doesn’t work, the answer is not to keep doing it with even greater fervour. The real answer is to stop doing it and try something else instead.

I have also learned that, in most countries, COVID19 appears to be seasonal. It went away – everywhere – in the summer. It came back in the autumn/winter, as various viruses do.

On its return is has been, generally, far less deadly. Much you would expect. The most vulnerable died on first exposure, and far fewer people had any resistance to it, at all. Now, a number of people do have some immunity, and may of the vulnerable are already dead.

Which means that, in this so-called second wave COVID19 is of no greater an issue than a moderately bad flu season.

This pattern hasn’t changed and begs the question; who runs the country, the Tories that were elected by a majority or the Labour unions/teachers/activists? I’m not sure myself but Dr. Kendrick rightly concludes below that the ‘madly waved banners’ will continue to be waved and nothing will change.

Hopefully, in time, we will learn something. Which is that we should not, ever, run about panicking, following the madly waved banners… ever again. However, I suspect that we will. This pandemic is going to be a model for all mass panicking stupidity in the future. Because to do otherwise, would be to admit that we made a pig’s ear of it this time. Far too many powerful reputations at stake to allow that.

I hope he’s wrong, I know Dr. Kendrick feels the same (his full article click here). Video upload below.