The majority voted for the Tories and they don’t even run the country

In December 2019 we had another General Election, the third one in the space of 4 years. The Tories managed to defeat the Labour party winning 365 seats seeing off Jeremy Corbyn in what was a huge win for Boris Johnson.

Granted at this time no one was made aware of what was happening in the Wuhan province over in China with the World Health Organisation also keeping quiet about a new SARS-Cov2 virus that was about to kill off many elderly people in Italy and wrecking havoc over the biggest economies in Europe and of course in the United States of America.

No doubt it has been tough for the government and for the Prime Minister for whom we all prayed after he himself contracted COVID19. He of course fully recovered despite being the overweight category.

We have now arrived in 2021, the virus is still here this time with a mutated strain that’s more contagious and yet for unknown reasons the government has decided to do the status quo; u-turn whenever the media tell them to.

The scaremongering has continued and nothing has changed, the most recent u-turn saw the government opt to keep schools shut till late January despite the evidence showing it will NO effect on the spread of the virus and not effect hospitalisations. Each year our NHS hospitals become overwhelmed with those who struggle during influenza season and we never ask ourselves why. We still, to this day, ask where COVID19 originated from and people are still in denial. Also, we never ask why over a quarter of deaths that relate to COVID are in fact diabetics, what their condition was and what diabetes they had.

This reminds me of when media outlets, think tanks etc ask you questions using the so-called polls to determine public opinion. Rather asking you the right question they ask one to suit the answer they are looking for. Throughout 2020 the CCP would be proud of the propagandists and fear mongers within our media circles, never seen anything like this in my short life (so far).

It’s worth reminding the things that the government just did plain wrong with or without ‘big media’.

As the virus was spreading the U.K. amongst many countries insisted that flights should continue and no screenings to be done at the airport. After seeing almost the entire elderly population in the Italy’s Lombardy province disappear every nation insisted on carrying on (except for New Zealand that despite it’s tiny population and being on the other end of the world must be given credit for at least taking such a basic action).

The initial lockdown went through and even though it “slowed the spread” and saw the cases drop that wasn’t going to prevent the numbers from going up or down further down the line, you are just denying the inevitable.

Reminder – everybody is going to get the virus, you can’t stop it. If you try it will just mutate and thankfully it’s not more deadlier than the 1st strain. As Dr. Malcolm Kendrick (again) said that the status quo is not going to work and was proven time and time again that he didn’t have faith in them to stop doing precisely that. The numbers don’t lie and just as Dr. Kendrick stated in his piece on his personal website and just as I have posted many times here everyone is asking the wrong questions and just rince/repeat the talking points from last year; should we lockdown, wear masks etc etc whilst the body count continues to go up regardless of what you say or do.

Sky News, the BBC, Twitter ‘NHS Activism’ and the Teacher Unions run Britain, not the ones you elected.

In the video below I go through some examples of where the Tories are getting it wrong and it’s becoming clear that despite the occasional indecision you would expect from any democratic government they insist on not making the so-called tough decisions that you elected them to do but instead look for answers from what the television say and obey the unions/activists who only speak for themselves.