Lose your 1st Amendment rights, lose your livelihood, your job, your family – breaking point reached

And just like that COVID and the $2000 Stimulus checks controversy is no longer being talked about – no shock there.

As for those whining and complaining on Twitter – just stop, just stop already. Your view, followers, likes or the grift you are trying to achieve is of no value, get a proper job and work your way up, read some books, improve some skill set.

We had people who were not willing to give up on their faith or believe in God for that matter knowing they were going to be executed, they stood up for their family, their friends, their community knowing they were going to die. You on the other hand lose your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram account and your whole world ends then go cry in their basement, Christ Almighty grow up already.

Video streamed earlier on YouTube (just like all videos they get uploaded here and taken off YouTube)

BitChute and Rumble links below video upload.