Republicans need to start talking more about healthcare and less about taxes

At every election its the same old story, the Democrats want to tax and spend and if you vote for us we will reduce your taxes and cut on spending – trouble is the GOP never do this as demonstrated in the last 4 years under Trump‘s presidency.

The trouble the Republicans have had in the last few decades, to an extent going back many years, is that the programs they claim that will run out of money, whether it be medicare or medicaid, they continuely to fund whilst piling on the debt for the American taxpayers to pay. These same politicians stay in power for mininum of 6 years where others have been in their house seat for more than 3 decades always seem to end up rich whilst the taxpayers pick up the crumbs that are left over. Whether you are a Republican or Democrat the time has to come say “enough is enough” and no one blames you.

The “storming and rioting” at the capitol building was a mere pretext, now the powers will claim they need to pass more legislation to go after these “terrorists” in order to the protect you – the same method used post the September 11 terrorist attacks.

10s of millions of Americans are not able to pay for healthcare, some of that group don’t wish to get any insurance cover until something happens (defeats the purpose of insurance) and an ever growing number of people continue to be put into the category of ‘obese Americans‘ as the health costs themselves continue to skyrocket at the same time seeing an American dying of cardiovascular disease every 36 seconds (based on last estimates in 2020).

We have a health crisis and no one (and I mean no one) is talking about it, whether you go full on public or private or a bit of both the costs are going to be extremely high if one does not start talking about preventive medicine. In the U.K. alone if you look at those who may have died from COVID directly or COVID was the cause diabetics make up 25% of the deaths – something which the media haven’t mentioned once or are willing to bring to the table. Why? Because that involves talking about human beings making bad choices in life when it comes to their diet and in the today’s world stigma has been made into a high level crime.

In America they continue to talk about how we need to fund this and fund that, no matter how much money you throw at it the doctors, nurses and surgeons are going to be overburden. We are very lucky in the ‘West’ to be reliant on cheap labour when it comes to the free market in pretty much everything we have in our homes today; televisions, computers, washing machines but also reliant on it when it comes to filling up clinics, social care and hospitals. If a doctor charges you $1000 for treatment and you can’t afford then surely since it’s “human right” you can put a gun to the head of the doctor and demand he treats you or is it not up to the doctor, who trained for years and built up their skill level, to determine how much it will cost to treat you? Either side holds one of the two points with the typical Republican holding the latter, that’s not good enough.

My experience with the NHS is that it has been slow, bureaucratic, overbloated and too centralised where the availability to see your GP or visit to hospital becomes a little more difficult every year that passes by. It is currently in a bad state mostly down to the COVID hospitalisations. Of course I wouldn’t recommend it in it’s current form to my fellow Americans further to the West but despite being inefficient I still know I have a chance to access healthcare despite my job or class status.

There is no denying the talking point of “free markets are a great thing” is finally dead, dead in the water especially after the actions of Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, other big tech/corp in the last 24 hours. The idea that a private company can do whatever it wants and not be consistent when it comes to applying the rules has Conservatives seething (shame it’s a little too late when it comes to big tech). Before the free market fans stop reading yes it is also true that the free market works wonders with technology as newer more advance tech becomes available that we see a new generation of entrepreneurs enter the market with new ideas and goods.

When it comes to housing and healthcare, however, neither should be given in the arms of the free market (total control in the private sector) as the late Sir Roger Scruton, who is known in the U.K. as “Mr. Conservative” said, “free markets are a good thing but not everything has a free market solution” (paraphrasing). Even though America doesn’t have the problem that Europe has when it comes to space to build new homes it will be an issue in the future hence there is less urgency at this point. But on healthcare it has been debated too long with the same old ideas; more or less funding, we have the same problem in the U.K. too.

The Republicans need to stop waving the white flag when it comes to “standing with you” on fiscal spending yet spend like a ‘drunken sailor’ and start talking about new ideas on possible innovation in medicine.

We are in the 21st century and the idea that each individual has freedom it also comes with responsiblity, either mean it when it comes to healthcare or start putting something different on the table because you will continue to lose elections. The other side may have ‘wacky’ ideas they actually have people who are listening to them and putting them in power. Sadly for the ‘other side’ they are also learning that the powerful are only doing what the establishment Republicans did; ask for your vote and play the same game at the next election. Lowering your taxes is just a gimmick, in the U.K. all that talk of “lower taxes” just becomes a case of it lowering how much you pay in tax and then ‘progressively’ increasing taxes in other areas where you don’t notice the difference.

Time for Conservatives/Liberals/Progressives to come together and say “we need to do better with our diet, take care of health and help each other out”; otherwise we will continue to be locked into duels between what type of healthcare is suitable and more people will suffer because we refuse to speak truths. Forget sticking to your regular public/private healthcare systems, we need preventive medicine and innovative healthcare.