BMJ: Severe obesity in year 6 children in England reaches new high

I covered this briefly in the stream I did yesterday (next post will contain the whole stream speaking about COVID).

As per the piece below it states that 4.4% of year 6 schoolchildren in England are classified as severely obsese, the highest rate on record. Whenever we talk about COVID we never get to talk about healthcare in general and every year before COVID19 arrived we had the same headlines from the media about how our NHS is always overwhelmed.

This is true, our NHS is always overwhelmed during influenza season but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about the other problems that contribute to high healthcare costs – one example being diet.

Remember – NO SHAMING, CHILDREN ARE INNOCENT IN THIS CASE AND PARENTS/GROWN-UPS NEED TO DO BETTER! (full article to BMJ here, to see the entire piece you will need to be a subscriber).

New data show that 4.4% of year 6 schoolchildren in England are classified as severely obese, the highest rate on record.1 The figures from NHS Digital show that the rate of severe obesity among 10-11 year olds has increased for the fourth consecutive year, up from 3.7% in 2014-15.

The latest figures come as England’s outgoing chief medical officer, Sally Davies, called for bold action to help tackle child obesity, such as banning eating on public transport and introducing tighter rules on advertising and takeaways.2

The National Child Measurement Programme, overseen by Public Health England, measures the height and weight of over one million children in England each year