COVID U.K. 2020 Report – What we know, what they’re saying & what to expect in 2021

We enter 2021 with the same problems we had back in March 2020. For reasons unknown at this time this government has felt it was still okay for you to travel abroad on a flight whilst you are not able to travel up to 30 minutes just to see your relatives. People don’t know what to believe anymore and I can’t blame them.

As noted in my previous streams we have the same outcomes from COVID19, that those who are elderly are the most vulnerable and based on those with pre-existing conditions it does show that diabetics are at very high risk, however, important to note that we don’t know what their condition was at the time, i.e. they were in ICU or have other health issues aside from diabetes.

In my continued search for the truth I came across what we would call an FOI, freedom of information request. Trouble is that the NHS England who are tied with higher priorities (understandably) failed to explain some of the unknowns in the data they produce weekly/monthly when it comes to COVID19 cases, hospitalisations, bed occupancy and deaths. I ask them if they could clarify what it means exactly where it says “Total number of inpatients diagnosed with COVID (last 24 hours)”. For me it’s very clear, the data for ‘Diagnoses’ would indicate that these are the numbers for those who are in hosptial for non-COVID reasons, if you take the definition in it’s purest form it states that inpatient is;

a patient who stays in a hospital while receiving medical care or treatment.

If this is the case and I’m going with it for now as no one else has been able to give me or anyone an explanation as to what that phrase actually means in terms of COVID then it would indicate that for 3 months straight, if you take October/November/December) that the number of COVID cases are in fact happening inside our hospitals. We’re talking about nearly 75%!

The many problems, aside from dealing with the more contagious strain of COVID, is what is referred to as the “information war”. Just last year the media were singing the praises of Germany, well they’re not doing that anymore. The reason for singing their praises was down to the claim that the Germans are getting it right and the “populist” governments of Britain, the United States and Brazil were a mess and like to kill old people. Strange because they did not apply the same thinking when it to Italy where the elderly were dying in the hundreds as the hospitals were unable to deal with ever rising number of new admissions.

As I state in the stream last night and the time before that when talking about COVID the media are going to spend 2021 rewriting history, they do this with a number of topics namely the Grooming Gang scandals that we’ve uncovered in Britain in the last 5-10 years alone (goes back well before 2000). The many examples of this were the WHO and the United Nations, from one side of their mouth they push the “lockdowns to save lives” whilst at the same time telling us over 200,000,000 people will die of starvation solely due to lockdowns.

Below is a summary of how things stand right now, followed by last night’s stream…

  • COVID is contagious
  • Hospitals every year are ‘overrun’
  • Doctors/Nurses staff levels badly affected
  • Diabetics are at highest risk
  • Elderly continue to be affected, particularly those with pre-existing conditions
  • Media keep playing with the citizens over headlines/death tolls
  • They will use “LONG COVID” to keep lockdowns/restrictions in place for the long term
  • Over 4 million have missed cancer screenings
  • 100s of thousands have waited more than a year for an operation
  • NHS crisis (and the same for the last 10 years)
  • 2020 Lockdowns will cost 560,000 lives in the UK “because of the deep and prolonged recession they will cause”
  • UN World Food Programme has warned that 270,000,000 people face starvation as a result of the global impact of lockdowns and restrictions

Last night’s stream below.