Netherlands: Riot police use water cannon, tear gas to break up demos in Eindhoven, Amsterdam (videos)

According to the illegal demonstrations, all to protest against the coronavirus rules. I expect we will see similar demonstrations in France as well, not likely in the England (or at least not as often).

People are losing their sanity with the lockdowns and it’s only going to get worse. Yes, some lockdowns ‘may’ work in the short term – which are only there to not overwhelm the hospitals and clinics but this can not be a long term solution.

We will keep an eye on it, videos below are from Eindhoven (from sources online) and full piece from dutch news site sits below the videos…

Riot police have been drafted in to break up illegal demonstrations in Eindhoven and Amsterdam after hundreds of people gathered to protest about the coronavirus rules.

In Eindhoven, police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse a crowd of several hundred people on the 18 Septemberplein. Demonstrators threw fireworks and golf balls at the police and at least 30 people were arrested.

Train services to and from Eindhoven were also disrupted for a time because people were walking on the tracks, broadcaster RTL reported. The station shops were also plundered.

In Amsterdam several hundred people went to the Museumplein to protest about the curfew despite warnings to stay away. Here too, police used water cannon and dogs to break up the crowd, in a repeat of the trouble last weekend, when 150 people were arrested.

The trouble will be discussed by regional safety board chiefs at their regular meeting on Monday, chairman Hubert Bruls told broadcaster NOS.