The fact from myth: What we really know about COVID19

For those who have been following the posts/videos that I have done regarding COVID know that;

  • I have never called COVID ‘fake’
  • I have expressed doubts in the media reports
  • I have expressed doubts about the virus itself, man made or nature
  • I dive into the numbers published officially from the NHS
  • I give my viewpoints, provide analysis on the stats

My viewpoint has not changed. COVID IS REAL, no disputing that but the media would have you believe that just because you question the “science” (or let’s say consensus) you are a denier, you hate science, you are anti-vaccines, you want the elderly to die etc etc. I’m afraid to say it but the numbers don’t lie and I will demonstrate this later in the post.

So far the numbers we have are;

  • Total Deaths (across U.K.) – 121,674
  • Total vaccinated (across U.K.) – 1st dose at 12,646,486, 2nd dose at 516,392
  • Total number of patients in hospital – 26,723
  • Total number of patients on ventilation – 3,320

The numbers are up to the date of 9th February 2021, despite those numbers nothing has changed. That’s correct, those who are vulnerable are the elderly (aged 60+) and those who are diabetic (make up 25% of the total deaths). You would think at this point the newspapers and the mainstream media would all be putting out headlines “WE NEED TO KEEP THE ELDERLY SAFE!” and “DIABETICS BE WARNED YOU ARE AT THE HIGHEST RISK!“. Instead, depending on the poll numbers the media would put negative headlines against the government if their numbers went up and on the other hand switch topics occasionally (for example a story on Trump) if their polls numbers show the government are not doing a great job. This has been a consistent feature all of last year and continues to this day.

Just recently, as reported on my website, a 15 year old boy was murdered and a couple of teenagers are now in court accused of his murder. We saw one article in Sky News website (including the BBC) and that was it, nothing, the boy’s life didn’t matter. What matters is how quickly we get to the next death toll milestone. Quite incredible and thankfully you the British people are getting tired of it because it now appears the media are distracting you enough that non-COVID stories supposedly don’t exist when in fact a lot of it happens in silence and the media are complicit.

Back to the situation with COVID, we can safely establish the following as facts (for now):

  • Elderly and Diabetics are at highest risk, children are at very low risk
  • From October to November most of those that are positive are inpatients in hospital
  • If patient dies within 28 days of a positive test officially means they died of or related to COVID, numbers are questionable.
  • PCR tests are not 100% accurate, a lot of false positives
  • WHO reputation has dropped drastically after complying with China to hide details of the virus at the early stages

We can also establish the following as ‘questionable facts‘ (for now):

  • Masks (1 or more) prevent spread
  • Social distance of 2 metres limits spread
  • Immunity last weeks/months after recovering from COVID
  • Virus did not originate from lab or ‘wet markets’
  • Lockdowns work

The WHO are stating that it is very unlikely the virus came from a lab, something which they have provided zero evidence on after they talked about how it was likely it came jumped from animals, not via wet markets. That may well be correct but again we have yet to see evidence that this is the case and considering what the WHO along with China have been saying for over a year now it should be more apparent that I was in fact correct, 2021 will the year of propaganda with the media rewriting COVID. Just check the latest piece from The New York Times, their headline “Power, Patriotism and 1.4 Billion People: How China Beat the Virus and Roared Back“, it’s as if they wanted to rub it in Trump’s face. In fact, that’s exactly what they’re doing here, you couldn’t make it up.

Just like you I’m getting tired and it gives me hope that those like Dr. Malcolm Kendrick have publish posts going into detail the mindset of governments and the media (link), a section of the piece with the sub heading “No evidence, no problem” where he writes the steps taken by any leader when it comes to lockdowns, they perfectly describe the ‘reactive’ measures they use in particular PR, how one would react to it and how the media interpret it rather than relying on the science.

To this day we still don’t know where the virus originated, we also know that despite the talk from WHO that this virus didn’t likely come from wet markets I think it’s worthwhile for anyone reading this to see the two videos below. One of them is from Sky News going back to 21st May 2020, title of the video “Burned bat and barbecued dog: inside the animal markets of southeast Asia” and the other video from Channel 4 going back to September 2017, title of the video “Illegal animal trafficking in Peru“.

Think about that for a second, “inside the animal markets of southeast asia” – remind you of something that may have happened in 2019? Sky News knew how COVID came about before the WHO? Hmm…

To end please see the video below, a stream I did recently with more updates regarding COVID, the stats from NHS England and some info from my FOI requests.

One thing I do believe about COVID – LOCKDOWNS DO NOT WORK.