Keir Starmer should be taking the fight to Sturgeon

Norman is correct here, Labour chances of winning the election in the future they will need to make headway in Scotland, the success of the vaccination programme comparing to the rest of europe whilst Sturgeon talks big about joining the EU and with wokism trending every week it’s time Starmer put his foot down and concentrated on things that matter.

The economy, housing and crime – trying to patch over these issues from time to time will not make it all go away and the Tories over the last 10 years having been talking big about this and done nothing, not to mention keeping the border open during a pandemic.

The last week in the struggle against the coronavirus pandemic was generally a good one for the Government, and particularly for the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock. In sharp contrast to the European muddle, which springs from the very nature of the European Union, the vaccination programme here has mostly gone very well with high levels of protection achieved, first among those at greatest risk by virtue of old age and then extended to other categories.

Not that anyone listening to the morning news broadcast on BBC Radio 4 would gather that. At least the corporation’s health correspondent is generally fair in his summing up of the 5pm press conferences from No 10.

Elsewhere, the absurdities of the woke people abound. The Brighton and Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust says that it is implementing a “gender inclusive language policy” for its maternity services, now to be called “peri-natal services”.  There, midwives have been told to use terms such as “chest feeding”, “human milk” or “milk from the feeding mother or parent” alongside “breast feeding”  and “breast milk”.

I am left wondering how many “other parents”, or fathers as I would call them, produce breast milk for their offspring.

Such folk are not alone in expressing their strange (to my mind) ways of logic and thinking. On Wednesday February 12, the Telegraph reported that pupils at Seaford Head School in East Surrey, which has an “outstanding” rating from Ofsted, have demanded that Churchill’s name be removed from the school’s houses.

Churchill, they claim, was a figure who “promoted racism, unfairly imprisoning and torturing many.”  I cannot help wondering if Clement Attlee, the Labour Leader, and his colleagues Herbert Morrison and Ernest Bevin thought that when they served in Churchill’s coalition government which led the Western democracies in defeating Hitler’s National Socialist Germany in the Second World War.

Whatever have the teachers at that school been teaching them about that war? Would they rather that Churchill had lost?

Fortunately , our schools and their teachers were rather more robust in those days and my generation of pupils were taught the history of our land even as the bombs rained down on our towns and cities.

I am pretty sure that today’s Labour Leader, Sir Keir Starmer, knows all that. He is a decent man who deserves great credit for his part in the rescue of that party from the loony Left of Jeremy Corbyn and his friends in the unions. However, he has been performing very poorly both in the House Commons and in radio interviews and recent opinion polls suggest that the Tories have edged ahead of Labour. Even Stephen Bush, the political editor of the New Statesman, recently wrote a piece in that magazine under the headline “A consensus is forming that Keir Starmer is not up to the job.”

Now Sir Keir has called on his team to produce an election strategy akin to that by which Attlee defeated Churchill in the first post-war election in 1945. That is  delusional thinking. Unlike Attlee, Sir Keir has had no ministerial experience, nor have his colleagues. Certainly Boris Johnson is no Churchill either, but by the time of the next election he has a reasonable chance that the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic will have passed and the economy will have begun to recover.

Sir Keir might be well advised to join the battle in Scotland for the future of the Union of this Kingdom. Even looking only at his party’s narrow self- interest, Labour is very unlikely to gain a majority in the House of Commons without taking seats from the SNP and on top of that the preservation of the Union is a vital interest to all of us on both sides of the border.

Even better, Sir Keir’s forensic skills could be well deployed in the demolition of the reputations of both the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, and her enemy, Alex Salmond. That fishy couple, as I call them, should be easy game for Sir Keir as they neglect the interest of their electors. Success in Scotland would be good for Sir Keir, the Labour Party and the people of the United Kingdom. It is not often that I have ever said that about a Labour leader.