Tottenham stabbing: Man, 21, knifed to death on north London street

Man, 21, knifed to death on north London street where student was killed in January. The victim is unnamed, the death comes less than 5 weeks after that of Anas Mezenner who was fatally stabbed on January 19th. Four other teenagers – three 16-year-old boys and a 14-year-old boy – have previously been charged with Anas’ murder and have already appeared in court

Full article from the Evening Standard below…

A 21-year-old has become the second man to be stabbed to death on the same north London street in a month as the capital’s spate of knife killings continued.

The unnamed victim died after police were called to West Green Road in Tottenham at 4pm on Monday to reports of a man being stabbed.

A witness said the dead man had been chased by his attacker after being ambushed as he came out of a shop.

He was given emergency treatment by ambulance staff but pronounced dead at the scene.

His death comes less than five weeks after that of Anas Mezenner, 17, who was fatally stabbed on January 19 on the same street.

Others who have died include 16-year-old Drekwon Patterson, who was stabbed in Brent shortly before midnight last Thursday, and 15-year-old Romario Opia, who was killed in a knife attack in Archway in January.

Blade attacks earlier this month also claimed the lives of 18-year-old Hani Solomon, in Parsons Green, and 22-year-old victims Lavaun Witter and Sven Badzak, who died in Croydon and Kilburn respectively.

As the investigation into the latest murder continued, police said they had identified the victim but were not yet able to give further details of the circumstances in which he died. A witness described seeing the 21-year-old victim being chased by a “short lad” before he was stabbed after being ambushed as he came out of a Cash Converters shop.

He said the dead man’s mother arrived at the scene shortly after and was begging police to be allowed by his side.

The witness said: “The guy came out of Cash Converters and a tiny lad, really short, started chasing him. They were running around a car then the little guy, probably a teenager, must have stabbed the older guy. He staggered across the street to a doorway to a building where he lived and collapsed.”

He added: “I have seen the victim around. He was a nice enough lad. He had only moved here recently.

“The victim’s mother turned up soon after. She wanted to see her son, but the paramedics were stopping her so they could treat him. She was hysterical.”

The incident happened on the corner of West Green Road and St Margaret’s Avenue. Another witness, Leroy Reed, said: “There was screaming and shouting and then the lad was laying there on the ground. It’s a tragedy.”

Murder squad detectives and forensic officers were today scouring the area as the scene remained sealed off.

Police were also looking through CCTV images captured by shops on West Green Road in the hope of learning more about the killer and the crime.

There was no immediate indication today of any connection with the death of Mr Mezenner, who was also stabbed near Turnpike Lane station. Five teenagers aged 14 to 17 have been charged with the student’s murder and will stand trial on a date to be confirmed.