Feminist upset that Shamima Begum won’t be coming back

Real men should be clearer; “we don’t women, we hate feminists” and the example from Janice Turner‘s piece is precisely why we could losing and shoot ourselves in the foot.

Perhaps it’s just short term memory but anyone remember Salman Abedi? Yeah, we sure learned from our mistakes in the past didn’t we – none of the girls who were murdered in Manchester are coming back.

And neither should Shamima Begum, at some point in her piece it almost feels as if, just like all feminists do, is to blame the “Conservative family” or girls being treated as 2nd class when in fact no real Conservative family would let their daughter go unprotected, be vulnerable or risk exposure to some of the vile things you see in life (below).

There should be serious thought into how the “jihadi bride” phenomenon was a product of a morally relativist society that has never insisted secular freedoms are granted to all British girls. Unable to go out without permission, forbidden from talking to boys, Muslim girls from conservative families were exhilarated to flirt with jihadist fighters online. They could marry them without parental permission, forge their own destinies, help create a whole new society free from their families and do so under the cover of serving Islam.

One thing in particular that Janice spoke of is how the Kurds are brave as quoted below;

The Kurds, one of the bravest, most beleaguered people on Earth, should not have to babysit the “cubs of the Caliphate”, nor fear the regrouping of re-radicalised youths. Moreover, how can Britain use the Commonwealth to bolster its post-Brexit standing if it treats Bangladesh with such colonial de haut en bas?

Does she not know that some of the highest cases of Female Genital Mutilation happen in the so-called “Kurdistan“? Any word on that Janice or the feminist movement?

One of a million reasons why I can’t stand feminists and the conservatives really need to wake up; these people hate men and the family unit too.

Full piece linked here.