End of U.K. Populism?

After Nigel Farage announces that he is stepping back it appears that once Nigel hasn’t got any grip over the party he wants to be a part of it indicates to me that he won’t be the one making the decisions on policy.

Nigel did also announce that he will be looking to other fights such as the anti-woke movement is growing following the push on cancel culture. This may tie in with the recent announcement of Laurence Fox who declared that he is standing for London Mayor, which in my view is a waste of time at this point considering London is slowly becoming Labour heartland in the south of the country.

Laurence’s party “Reclaim Party” now sits alongside Nigel‘s former party “Reform UK” – which Richard Tice now takes control of. I imagined that would be the case but instead it would have been the smarter move to bring in Laurence to take charge of Reform UK. The Americans like to laugh at our system and would be right in mocking it because this is precisely the problem we’re going to have; too many parties splitting the vote.

Whichever way it goes I wish them the best, but I think we are looking the at the rapid decline of populism in the U.K. and it’s happening for many reasons.

The first is that Britain by nature has never been populist and always seen it as a ‘fad’ – just a reactionary movement to the failed promises by those they elected.

Another reason is that there is no real distinction in Britain between politics and culture. A politician running for office typically would say that we should put British jobs for British people or that “our values” come first but without even telling the voter what those values are or even explaining how it would be better to employ a British worker for a higher rate than the cheap labour we get from abroad.

Lastly, there is this ‘hidden’ fear that populism may mix with nationalism, the fear is mainly driven by the media because they tend to mix 21st century nationalism/populism with Nazism where in fact neither are linked. Putting your country first (it has advantages and disadvantages too) is not a form of “Hitler’s Germany”, over time people get a little fed up with being lied to, can’t afford to put food on the table and our youth can’t afford to buy a home. The dangers of extremism are there but look at Brexit; did Boris Adolf Johnson deport foreigners? Did he shut the border down? Did he force a vote on forcing companies to put non-British workers in a different category? Nope, none of that happened.

In fact, some of those noted above the exact opposite happened, the border is still opened and we haven’t really deported that many who are illegally or failed asylum seekers.

For a form of populism-nationalism movement (or party) to be capable of not only challenging the establishment but the status quo you need to spell out clearly how you see Britain today, how you move forward from today, what policies you will offer on property, taxes and poverty and ultimately how will look Britain look like in the future. The latter of course is entirely dependent on what you do and factors outside of your control.

The ‘Conservative‘ today does not know what a Conservative actually is especially in Europe. If you ask your typical American Conservative it’s an easy answer – preserve the constitution and institutions, only work to put them back in order. In Europe we like to preserve systems are today dysfunctional and instead make “progress” in areas that need to be left alone. The LGBTQ topics is just one of many examples of the mess Europe leaves itself in and sadly has crept into American education too. When it comes to owning a home the typical “conservative” believes in the dreamland of progressives; dream big, get an education and it will all work out meanwhile giving banks total control of your property. On top of that they believe that free markets solve all problems when in fact the number one rule of Conservatism is that free markets do NOT solve all problems.

So what about housing? Do you have rights to property? Should you be able to pass your possessions to your children? Does the state have a right to say what your children can learn at school without your permission?

Will we ever hear a ‘populist’ ever say;

  • your home is your home
  • state has no right to intefere on how you raise your children
  • you can homeschool your children
  • everything you own can be passed onto your children
  • we will build more homes to cover those who are poor
  • you should be responsible for those in need amongst your community
  • marriage needs to encouraged
  • every child needs a father and mother

Until all of the above is spelled out as the message, the pitch to the voters and the outlook for the future then all you will end up with is endless platitudes from those who seek to take advantage of your anger against the establishment and rather than making change happen ending up getting enriching themselves.

That list matters, just hearing it would be a start and sadly with the SDP, Reform UK, Reclaim Party and God only knows how many other parties there are we will never be able to achieve what this country really needs. The new grift today is free speech and being anti-woke. I have seen countless articles, posts, tweets about these but not one about housing, boys failing at school, not offering skill trade training to young people, speaking out against the failure of single motherhood. I haven’t heard a word from the likes of Laurence Fox, Nigel Farage or even Richard Tice about these problems. If they have spoken about they need to speak out more, instead I have seen more clinging onto the reason for their own existence in politics; one issue party.

21st century is all e-celeb clout chasing grifting society that obesses with the camera for point scoring and paying for steak meals – the old school of bravery is lost amongst the youth, we need to bring it back and fast.