Meghan Markle ‘flew into rage at PA over the colour of blankets’ & left ‘entire household on the verge of quitting’

And it begins, this is going to be fun.

Full article from the Sun newspaper below…

MEGHAN Markle reportedly flew into a rage at a PA because blankets were the “wrong shade of red” and her outbursts left her entire staff on the verge of quitting, insiders claimed last night.

It comes after claims the Duchess of Sussex bullied and humiliated aides at Kensington Palace – which she denies.

Ahead of her bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, royal aides insisted they had bent over backwards to accommodate Meghan.

But according to a report in the Sunday Times, a former aide to one of the most senior members of the royal family claimed “half the staff threatened to quit” over tensions allegedly caused by the Sussexes.

Another Palace source claimed: “The entire household was on the verge of quitting … it was drama, drama, drama with those two.”

The former aide said one incident that caused alarm occurred when Meghan hosted a shooting party at Sandringham for Harry’s friends, shortly after their engagement.

She had ordered personally embroidered red blankets for each guest, but was not happy with what she received.

“When they arrived, they weren’t the right shade of red for Meghan and she went mental at Melissa [Touabti],” the source said,

Melissa was Meghan’s former personal assistant, who is alleged to have left “traumatised” because of Meghan’s volatile behaviour.

Buckingham Palace is investigating allegations Meghan was an “outrageous bully” to her staff before she departed Britain last year.  

Meghan also reportedly took issue with the way in which the BBC’s Mishal Husain conducted she and Harry’s engagement interview.

“She complained it hadn’t gone well, that Mishal [Husain] wasn’t empathetic enough, wasn’t warm enough,” said the source.

Shortly before the wedding, Harry is said to have been told off by the Queen for yelling at her royal dresser Angela Kelly following a run-in with Meghan.

She is said to have complained that a tiara she planned to wear could not be produced for an unscheduled hair appointment.

One source told The Telegraph: “Angela told Harry it was priceless and couldn’t suddenly be handed over at short notice.

“He was furious and shouted: ‘What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.’ Suffice to say it didn’t go down too well.”

It was further claimed Meghan had been given first choice from the Crown Jewels – but that she had still been unhappy.

The insider claimed: “They insisted that they had the same inflation-adjusted budget for the wedding as William and Kate – she got the choir she wanted, the dress, the carriage procession, the tiara – she got everything she wanted but it still wasn’t enough.

“She was constantly looking for reasons to say she had been deprived. Also, she wanted drama from the very beginning.”

Harry and Meghan tied the knot at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in 2018 – with Telegraph claiming the lead up to the wedding was “hugely stressful” for everyone involved.

The string of claims emerged this week as the couple get set to have their tell-all interview with Oprah aired tomorrow.

The Royal Family is braced for more bombshell claims in Monday’s broadcast amid an escalating war of words. 

And aides said the Queen has not been given an advance copy of Harry and Meghan’s chat with Oprah Winfrey – instead “everyone will watch at the same time”.

The Duchess of Sussex accused Buckingham Palace of spreading lies about her, plunging the the family into its worst crisis in decades.

Senior Royals have reportedly urged for “calm amid the storm” ahead of the bombshell interview which will be aired this weekend.

The interview, conducted by talk-show powerhouse Oprah Winfrey, will be aired on CBS in the US on Sunday night, and then in the UK on ITV on Monday.

This week, reports were published claiming that Meghan had “bullied” several former staff members at Kensington Palace. 

A source told The Times newspaper the Duchess of Sussex drove two personal assistants out of the household and undermined the confidence of a third.

The Queen launched a probe into the allegations of bullying, with the Palace releasing a statement saying they were “very concerned” at claims the Duchess bullied staff.   

The Sun Online has approached the palace and Sussexes for comment.