#Cancel Telegraph/Times – papers allow unsubstantiated claim that “97% of women are harrassed”

Oh yes it has now gotten to that point that the very papers we can trust most are letting us down and it couldn’t have been more obvious in the recent posts/articles/opinions given in both papers where both the Telegraph and the Times decided to block comments from being made.

Below is a post that was put onto the Telegraph comment section where Robert Buckland wrote with the headline;

The comments section was open to this piece but it would be considering that Robert is in fact a man (although considering the culture that the Tories have created I can’t assume his gender). In the comments I wrote the following;

The top comment is my response to the article posted by Robert Buckland, I included (deliberately) a note about the Telegraph’s position on allowing women (like Byrony Gordon) to post a piece, without any evidence to back up the claim of “Almost all women have experienced harrassment during thier lifetime” and not allowing anyone to comment in response – something which is part of the subscription you have. You need to subscribe in order to comment, partly why people sub to the paper but the Telegraph decided that it was going to turn it off on ALL ARTICLES that literally sh*t on all men.

Byrony’s claim that ‘almost’ all women experience harrassment during their lifetime is not only unproven but dangerous, that now asserts that more than half of the men in the country are perverts or sexual deviants (logically 97% of women in the country would have never met the same bunch of vile men so the claim that modern day feminists make of “well we’re not saying all men” doesn’t hold). Now women will be looking over their shoulder in fear and men who walk by will be looking to avoiding women at all costs for the fear of being accused of doing something i.e. walking normally past women.

The Telegraph and the Times decided that they were not going to allow anyone to comment on these articles, their reasons make it obvious for all to see – men may give a strong rebuke. If you can’t handle a perfectly reasonable response then you don’t stand a chance in this world.

In my comment you will note was perfectly reasonable but for those who are still subcribed to the Telegraph will NOT find my comment on there anymore, those editing the site deleted it without reason.

It was because I was right and I’m not the only one judging by the ever increasing of deleted comments.