Leftists/Progressives/Feminists continue to violate the law, given pass – turns out its okay because the offender is White

Incredible how such groups refuse to turn up to protest the rape of young girls – it is now clear more than ever. In recent months/years crimes committed by those who are non-White the same group of protesters are no where to be seen.

We always assumed that this was the reason for the lack of anger from such groups but it is now clearer than ever. When the next grooming gang scandal happens I expect the same groups to turn up (if pigs fly).

Full post from mylondon.news website below…

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Central London to protest after the police dispersed a peaceful vigil to Sarah Everard, a woman allegedly kidnapped and murdered by a serving Met Police officer.

Addressing a range of issues from violence against women and girls, police brutality and racial inequalities, speakers took turns with a loud speaker.

The protesters gathered outside Scotland Yard at 4pm on Sunday, March 14 before marching the short distance to Parliament Square.

This comes after a police dispersed a vigil on Clapham Common on Saturday night (March 13).

The event at the Bandstand near where Sarah was last seen was deemed unlawful under Covid restrictions.

Four arrests were made and violence broke out between police and those in attendance.

The police’s actions were condemned widely by the public and politicians across the political spectrum.

Home Secretary Priti Patel described the footage that emerged of women getting arrested as “upsetting” and has called for an independent investigation into the way the event was handled.

Sadiq Khan described the scenes as “completely unacceptable” and has also called for an independent investigation.

Regarding today’s (March 14) protest, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: “There is a static demonstrations currently outside Scotland Yard in Westminster.

“We are speaking with those who are there, urging people to be safe and not gather in numbers.

“Road closures are in place along Victoria Embankment.”