Twitter under fire for blocking 17 year old girl targeted by Islamists, lives under police protection

Not a fan of non-stop trolling since it’s a waste of time and adds nothing to the conversation. But death threats and told “we will silence you because you upset followers of a particular religion”? Nope, just walk away from it, just as I did from Twitter among millions who finally worked out Twitter itself is indeed a waste of time.

Full article from the DeTimes paper below…

Twitter faced widespread criticism in France after it suspended the account of a teenage girl facing tens of thousands of death and rape threats for insulting Islam.

Known only as Mila, 17, she has been forced to leave school and to live under police protection for the past year. She said that her account was suspended briefly yesterday after she responded to the latest wave of threats against her on the social network.

“I admit it, I told one of them that he was a frustrated virgin and I answered a couple of guys promising to rape me, saying that it was me who raped their God, which I do sometimes to annoy my haters,” she said.

Her messages were reported to the American company, which closed her account, prompting indignation across the French political spectrum.

Raphaël Enthoven, the left-wing philosopher, said: “When a woman is threatened with death, it is she who must be protected, not the putative murderers.”

He was backed by Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Rally, who said Twitter had chosen “the camp of the enemies of democracy”.

Twitter said that it had made an “error” and reopened the account within 12 hours but Cédric O, the French digital affairs minister, said the reversal came “too late”. He promised tighter regulation of social media.

Mila was thrust to the centre of an inflammatory debate in January last year when she got into an argument with an internet user of Muslim origin while making a live broadcast on Instagram. “The Qur’an is full of hate . . . Islam is a shit religion,” she said. The comments were widely shared online and led to her receiving at least 50,000 messages containing threats and insults.

She has been held up by President Macron’s ministers as an emblem of French secular values threatened by Islamist zealots. Le Point, a right-wing news magazine, said that she symbolised “freedom of expression and the right to blasphemy in France”.

Mila told the magazine that the latest wave of threats began yesterday when she posted a photograph of a drawing of a pain au chocolat that she had done in nursery school. “I put my telephone down and picked it up two minutes later to see the comments. I saw hundreds of messages full of insults: ‘dirty whore’, ‘shitty Islamophobe’, the usual things.”

She said the insults appeared to have come from spam accounts sending automated tweets. Her supporters say that even if the accounts are shut down, those threatening her will set up others.