“Defund the police”? Tell that to families whose lives have been ruined by organised crime

According to the Manchester Evening News a total of 10 men were arrested, all aged between 22 and 41. A total of 18 homes were raided.

Without the police and these brave men (and women) the gangs will still be able to operate and get the chance to ruin more lives.

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Police raided 18 homes across Wigan as part of a clampdown on illegal drugs and organised crime gangs.

A number of properties were raided across the borough this morning on Tuesday (March 16).

In total, 10 men aged between 22 and 41 were arrested in connection with drugs and money laundering offences.

Police say they remain in custody for questioning.

Superintendent Mark Kenny, of GMP’s Wigan District, said: “GMP is committed to clamping down on drugs and the hugely detrimental impact they have on our communities.

“Today’s operation highlights that, and means that individuals who have blighted their community have been arrested.

Several homes were raided

“Illegal drugs and, the organised criminal gangs who seek to control their supply, have a corrosive effect on our communities and attract further criminality to the areas they operate.

“Today’s operation follows a long and complex investigation which will continue over the coming days.