After taking the 1st dose of Oxford-AstraZeneca, here is what I went through so far…

Although I haven’t fully overcome the symptoms I am a lot better than I was last night, blimey it was hell.

But compared to it now it feels as if you are just about to recover from the tailend of the common cold. Bear in mind that I am in my 30’s.

The timeline so far…

16th March
at 9.45am – vaccinated (1st dose only) in my left arm
at 10:45pm – no problems at all till this time, started to feel a little numb on the side of my left arm where the needle was used

17th March
at 1.30am – started to feel chills, a headache and was shivering a lot – so much my teeth were rattling, never felt like this before. Used several blankets to keep myself warm, settled a little
at 3.15am – woke up (was consistent as I was troubling having sleep), went to the toilet to urinate but struggled to stay still as the chills came back. For the headache I took 1 Panadol tablet (500mg). Managed to get back on my own to the bed and go back to sleep
at 8.30am – alarm went off, felt okay, was sweaty not surprising considering it was extremely warm, chills went away but headaches were getting worse. Took another panadol tablet, felt a bit better and was able to sit up and move around even though I felt week. Went back to sleep.
at 12.45pm – woke up, again the headaches were the same as before so this time I took 2 Panadol tablets with some food. Had a cup of tea (Earl Grey).
at 7pm – have dinner, just chicken (plain, grilled) and brocolli (steamed), just to get something in my stomach. No issue swallowing and was able to taste the food as well as the drink. Shortly aftewards I had my second cup of tea.
(now) at 9.45pm – with exception to the area where the needle was used on my arm I haven’t felt any real pain and able to move around without issues.

Will be taking additional panadol tablets around midnight, headaches seem to be weaker because I have caught up with sleep.

So far I haven’t had problems;

  • swallowing food
  • blocked nose
  • other aches outside of the left arm and head

Will I take the 2nd dose in June? I don’t know, I’m going to seek further advice from consultants. The reason I was offered this before others is because I have a heart condition, aside from the chills I had last night my heart rate and oxygen level have been pretty good. My heart rate has been around 90-100 bpm but that has always been the case since my last heart surgery (heart valve replacement back in 2012).

Tomorrow may well be different, could be the same, perhaps feel much better or symptoms may get worse – I don’t know.

My experience won’t be the same as others but I do know of others who have taken the same vaccine experiencing similar symptoms.