Boy, 15, rushed to hospital after being stabbed in the stomach

A 15-year-old boy has been rushed to hospital after being stabbed in the stomach in Ilford. Just like all cases you have to ask; where are the parents? An alarming increase of stabbings particularly with young boys involved but no one is wondering what the heck is happening?

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Emergency services were called to High View Parade earlier today (March 23) at around 2.55pm.

Police have confirmed that the boy has was found with a stab wound in the stomach and immediately rushed to hospital where a condition update will be given.

So far there have been no arrests and road closures are in place.

Police have shut down a major roundabout in Redbridge and cordoned off one of the exits creating huge traffic jams.

The Clayhall roundabout has closed off from the northbound Woodford Avenue entrance on the south side and all approaches to the roundabout have reportedly been closed off.

A 123 bus has been stopped on the motorway with what seems to be passengers still inside waiting on board.

Wes Streeting, the MP for Ilford North has tweeted that the 15-year-old boy is in a ‘potentially life-threatening’ condition, though this is yet to be confirmed by the Met.

The MP said he has been speaking with the borough commander, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, leader of Redbridge council Jas Athwal and the teenager’s head teacher about the incident.

A witness has described seeing the 15-year-old boy who was stabbed in the stomach lying on the ground.

Nurul Chowdhury, who was in the Zing restaurant on the corner of the roundabout, opposite High View Parade, at the time of the incident said it happened outside Fairies Cake shop on Redbridge Lane East.

“I was in the restaurant and I saw lots of police come,” said Mr Chowdhury. “So I went outside and the boy was on the ground outside the Fairies Cake shop. I think he went into the shop.

“I saw a lot of blood on his body. He wasn’t awake. There was an air ambulance which landed in Clayhall Park. I saw the boy and the police and the ambulance try to help him.

“I think he was taken away in the ambulance. There are police on both sides of the roundabout blocking it off.”