Survivors on Crime & Investigation to feature Sammy Woodhouse’s story after Rotherham child sex abuse scandal

Sammy Woodhouse is one of the few heroes out there, someone that defied the politically correct elite, the police forces that refused to believe the victims and the media who spent a lot of time refusing to talk about the crimes because of the ethnicity of pedophiles.

Full story below from the Yorkshire Live website below…

Rotherham sex abuse victim Sammy Woodhouse is to feature in a new true crime documentary being fronted by Denise Welch.

The actress will present Survivors on the Crime & Investigation channel.

It will air on April 19 and explores what it means to live with the trauma of enduring and surviving horrific crimes and the incredible effort and courage required to rebuild a life in the aftermath.

At the heart of each episode is the story of someone who has been forced to confront unimaginable horror and yet has lived to tell the tale.

With crimes ranging from a vicious and unprovoked stabbing by a stranger, and a diabolical acid attack, to the victims of a three-hour filmed torture session, domestic violence, and a 13-year reign of terror and abuse.

Sammy Woodhouse will be one of the first stories to be featured in the new documentary.

She took to Twitter to announce the news on Wednesday: “I can now announce that I have agreed to take part In a one hour documentary about my life to raise awareness on grooming, sexual and criminal exploitation.

“Crime+Investigation’s Survivors airs on Monday 19th April at 9pm @RealDeniseWelch.”

The 35-year-old was a victim of the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal.

Denise Welch

When she was 14, she was groomed by the 24-year-old gang leader Arshid Hussain. They started having sex a month after they met and he subsequently raped, attacked and beat Woodhouse to a pulp on a daily basis.

Hussain was jailed for 35 years in 2016.

Exploring each case, Denise meets up with Sammy Woodhouse, Bethany Marchant, Christopher Spry, Kayleigh White, Adele Bellis and Tony Hannington to find out what was going through their minds at every stage of the crime, how they found the inner strength to survive and face their attackers in court, and how the devastating turn of events irrevocably altered their lives.

Every episode features interviews with friends and family of the survivors, and a criminal barrister’s expert commentary, to provide a full 360-degree perspective on the atrocious attack suffered by each person.

Commenting on the show, Denise, currently on screen as Trish in Hollyoaks, said: “Throughout the series, there are significant stories to tell, as often forgotten victims can get across the painful and lasting effects of the awful crimes they were subjected to.

“I’m really proud to be part of this series and can’t wait for it to land on viewers’ screens.”

The first episode of Survivors with Denise Welch airs at 9pm on Monday, April 19, on the Crime+Investigation channel.